What is Wizkid’s net worth from 2012 to 2017?


is one of the richest Nigerian musicians. Many people constantly estimate ’s net worth. Do you want to learn how much money has the musician earned in 2016 and 2017? Then read this article!

2016 Wizkid is a popular Nigerian musical performer, the author of songs, the owner of the recording studio, and just a talented person. Many people say about how many he earns. However, you shouldn’t do it. It is more interesting to learn how the musician has achieved such success. Wizkid is one of the most successful Nigerian musicians. He is young and talented, and some people called him Nigerian Justin Bieber. He became known in 2010 thanks to his song, which became the real hit. This popular song remained at top of ratings and within a day, Wizkid has gained a great popularity. By 2015, the capital of the singer makes about $11 million. Let’s look how he has achieved it. The popular and talented singer was born in Lagos. His parents didn’t believe that music would occupy a leading role in the life of their son. Besides, they didn’t treat this activity seriously. Thus, the singer persistently worked hard and spent much time in studios to create something fine and to receive the trust of a family. In 2009, he has signed the contract with the record company Empire Mates Entertainment.

He began with small things, such as the assistant on Banky W performances. He also was in a co-authorship of Banky W’s Omoge You Too Much song. Since then they became friends. But the first official song made him a star soon. Official video for this song shows the Wizkid-school student flirting with the beautiful schoolmate.

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In 2013, Wizkid became the owner of the recording studio under the name Starboy Entertainment. Thus, he gives chance to many young people in the Nigerian music industry. Wizkid met Tania Omotayo. But the couple has broken up in 2014. In October 2016, information on the new girlfriend of Wizkid has appeared. Also, he already has a son from the previous relations with Oluwanishola Ogudugu. He kept this news in secret within nearly two years. Many media, including Forbes, reported about the fame of Wizkid and his money. They said that the singer has concluded the ambassadorial agreement of MTN worth nearly 50 million Nairas and with advertising of Pepsi worth 400 thousand dollars. Wizkid is the richest Nigerian musician. He has a model range of luxury cars beginning from Porsche Panamera S finishing with a blue cabriolet by Volkswagen. He is also an owner of the apartment in Lagos in Lekki, which worth N 200 million. This musician receives 5 million Nairas for a show on average.

In 2013, Wizkid has concluded the bargain with Telecommunication giant MTN, which worth 100 million Nairas. Pepsi signed the contract with the musician in 2011. The contract was signed for a year but has been prolonged for two years. He has renewed the contract with Pepsi in 2015. This transaction cost $350.000 in 2012.

Wizkid joins GLO family after the contract with MTN, which ended at the beginning of 2015. The new transaction with GLO has brought him more than N120 M. Wizkid, as we know, is a great admirer of cars. He loves them more than the real estate. Wizkid owns Mercedes 2012 cost N9 million and Hyundai Sonata worth N6 million, BMW X6 (N11 million), and Bentley (N45 million).

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Wizkid has suffered road accident in his Porsche Panamera, coming back after the action, to the devoted Nokia LumiaBeat Soundcity. As the car was damaged, he needed a new trip. He has bought Porsche Cayenne. Wizkid owns the house worth N68 of millions in Lekki, which was developed according to his own plan. He kept construction of the house a secret and has shared the joyful news with admirers after the project was finished. Wizkid mansion in Lekki is arranged with magnificent furniture, which makes a half of cost of the whole house. During the tours consisting of 30-50 shows, the net worth of Wizkid is about 5-7 million. In addition, he receives money for corporate concerts, such as birthdays and weddings. Wizkid was also the 5th in the list of Forbes and 10 Richest African cultural figures in 2013. He became the first Nigerian musician who has more than 1 million subscribers on Twitter. Thanks to monetization on Itunes, Spinlet, and YouTube, he earns about 13 million dollars.