Best Web Hosting in Nigeria: Host a Website in 2018 – 2019


: Host a Website in 2018 – 2019

Have you been thinking lately that you need a website for personal needs or for business? Best Web Hosting in Nigeria is not a hard thing at all if you are willing to learn fast. The steps are pretty easy and quick. This article hopes to show you they easy steps and I am assuming that you have a laptop with an internet connection. Then read on.

If it happens that you do not have a laptop, you can also use a cyber café that is good but first, you need the knowledge of how to do it.

best web hosting in Nigeria


Best Web Hosting in Nigeria – Step by Step on Hosting a website

  1. Step One: You Need to Buy a Domain Name
  2. A domain name is also known as a website name like, or They are called domain names and this is the first thing to do.

  3. Step Two: You Need a Web Hosting Account
  4. You see, there is need to have both a domain name and a web hosting. The host will help you store the data that you save on your website.

    Your website name cannot work all by itself. You need to power it to work by connecting it to a web host. There are many good web hosting company that offer cheap and affordable hosting plans in Nigeria.

    Also, ensure that you did read a few review of the web host that you want to buy. I usually test hosting packages so that I can stick to the best after a year. Compare their plans and prices and see which one your budget can afford. Do they have a great customer service? Are previous customers satisfied? So do check their review status before you pay.

  5. Step Three: Check Your email for Hosting Details
  6. When you pay for a hosting package, you will be sent the details to the web host. Things like Cpanel login details, your website details, their email server details, their DNS details, the bandwidth you have received in your account, the disks space etc.

    All these are very important as you will need them.

    Log in to the domain registrar account online. You need to go to where you bought your website name or if you purchased the domain name from the same hosting company you want to use then you do not need the steps below.

    After login, then look for domain management and DNS editor

    Input the Name servers information for example

    Then click on save changes.

In conclusion, hosting your website with the best web hosting in Nigeria – pwayhosting is a good development. After pointing the Nameservers, you may wait for 24 hours or sometimes less before you website can begin to work. The reason is that most servers take some time to connect to the servers all over the world. The internet is not limited to Nigeria. Your website can be viewed from any country so the changes you made will take some time to be effected.

After some hours you may now install WordPress, Joomla or any other script of your choice.