Top Classic Native Wear Styles for Men


For guys and men who always want to appear trendy, it is pertinent that they wear latest styles, whether you are the host or you are being invited to the party, be it wedding, birthday or naming ceremony.

Preparation to looking good at an occasion actually starts from when buying the cloth material. The usual material used for Native wears are Ankara, Guinea, Lace, Linen and recently when trouser material are now being used to sew native wears. Choosing the type of cloth material depend on what you love and what you think will look good on you, because, virtually, all these different types of material can be used for any native style but some are more suitable for specific styles than the other.
But for most parties, especially wedding ceremony, a particular attire is chosen and it is being sold for anybody who cares to buy, while some will make it almost obligatory on their invited guests.

Another important step to looking good is getting a good tailor who is well experienced and known for nice jobs. The most expensive attire if not tailored well will never be appreciated. So, be careful in choosing your tailor as many Nigerian tailors are only after your money and are not ready to satisfy you — except for a few who would always want to protect their good reputation.

Choosing styles has always being a challenge. As it for choosing your material, the style you go for depends on what you love and what fits you most, but most Nigerians especially, guys and men would go for the latest native style in vogue. It is very important to choose a style that looks good on you and be nice for the material you bought.