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  1. HALK says:

    How do betting margins AFFECT your profits?

  2. 9jabetworld says:

    bet9ja top this list

  3. moses polis says:

    winnersgoldenbet is the best

  4. Anonymous says:

    here comes a great opportunity for hungry punters jst lik me wu ar ambitious and nt too greedy…. I neyo nd som of ma fwends av got a big solution to ya red tickets. we are abt to start a forum dat wud help u recover nd earn so much on football betting and its starting on Monday 11th of April 2016… we will be giving free games of assurance for d 1st week nd payment folo d following week… we guarantee u r gonna make profit if u do as we instruct u by Jah’s grace.. to contact me or Whatsapp call me on 08162273627. we ain’t a fraudster

  5. onlinedominngs says:

    Most times, i found out that new commers to the betting industry dont get things right when learning how to bet in nigeria. If you are new, you better follow up on the first thing on how to bet in nigeria for freshers towards successful betting career.

  6. onlinedominngs says:

    If you are new to the betting industry, follow up this simple guide on how to bet in nigeria for freshers and you will never go wrong thereafter. You will never belief how profitable this can be.

  7. Olawunmi ibrahim says:

    Need good advicer on hw to bet

  8. Akenyin Bode says:

    I want to go into Surebet or Winners Golden Bet. which do u think is better in terms of
    1. Virtuals
    2. commission to agents payment to winners
    4. website data consumption
    5. fastest growing
    6e. t. c

  9. joeykordahi says: is another good website that is getting popular in Nigeria. They offer high odds and instant winning.

  10. yemi says:

    How do one bet online without visiting the betting shop

  11. ifeanyi ohaji says:

    what of saharabet

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