Manchester United; 5 Reasons Fans Love And Support The club and How You Can Be A Member Of The Supporters club


As it’s said, ‘English Premier League is the most dramatic league in world,’ and is one of the biggest clubs in England and the world at large, with a high number of fan base.

Over the last 20 years, Manchester united has won more cups than any other big clubs in the world. All that has caused most people to develop an interest in the football club. Most adults have heard Manchester United winning trophies throughout their childhood in the news and from people around them.

One of the greatest legends of Manchester united is the former coach and manager of the club, Sir Alex Ferguson. He increased the number of Red Devils fans with his sense of coaching style, ability to win games and championships. Till date, he remains one of the club’s best coaches who created the global phenomenon and lived the impossible dream.

Here Are 5 Genuine Reasons Fans Love Manchester United

  1. The way Media Started Promoting Them: Late 90s when Kids in US and other parts of the world started watching football, the English premier league matches was the only games that used to be telecast. So people had no other choice but to love and idolize the English premier league, teams and players. And United was the best team those period, hence the support!
  2. The Exciting style of Play and never give-up Attitude: The passion, never say die attitude has given Manchester united the edge over other clubs. With a great flamboyant style of play and the “never give-up attitude” which has always contributed to their winning games. We never forgot the Munich disaster in 1958 where British European Airways flight 609 carrying Manchester united football team crashed with 23 fatalities and 21 survivors. But the ‘never say die’ spirit in them has always won. The comebacks from improbable situations repeatedly can make any football fan love Manchester United. It has won the hearts of many fans.
  3. Manchester United Legends: Manchester united has consistently produced Legends. Legends like Bobby Charlton, Erik Cantona, George Best, Ronaldo, David Backham, Rud Van Nistelrooy, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney, Vidic, Van Der Saar, Peter Schemichel, Cristiano Ronaldo and so many others. Youngsters look up to these legends as role models, inspiration to the younger generation.
  4. The Trophies: Manchester United has won more trophies more than any club in England. Imagine when you have 20 premier league titles in your trophy garage, and often consistent. Even when you are knocked out, you will always find a way of coming back. So why won’t the fan base be much! They deserve it.
  5. Manchester united is one of the oldest club with an amazing glorious history. Over the years, they have been able to entertain fans with their style of play and some flamboyant players playing in the team. Fans love players with swag, that aura that flows even out of the pitch. Imagine the likes of Paul Pogba, Rooney, Ibrahimovic and other guys in the field of play in their own style.
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Manchester united has turned itself to a global brand. It currently trades at the Newyork stock exchange. It is always the dream of youngsters to visit old Trafford. The games, excitement and joy being a fan of the club and the glorious history has made fans support them.

The supporters club

Manchester united has a supporters club. According to their website, there are now more than 200 officially recognized Supporter clubs in no fewer than 50 different countries.

To be a part of the United supporters club, all you got to do is go create a account in the official Manchester United website, .  Also you can create a membership to support further and get discounts on jerseys and other items. Maybe one day you may be invited to watch the live games at old Trafford, all-expense paid trip by Manchester United.