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Listicle – Top 10 Cheapest and Affordable Web Hosting in Nigeria

One of the benefits of having a cheap web hosting plan in is that we can easily begin to market our services and products online. When we talk about website hosting in Nigeria, there are numerous options that come to mind.

As you already know, all fingers are not equal. You may be starting out and not know anything about website hosting. I will quickly suggest to you that you should take advantage of all the that will be listed in this article. The reason for this is that I remembered when I started my online journey, I had little capital to do anything.

When I finally learned WordPress, I bought a web hosting package which cost about N2,500 per year. After this, I began building my website.

So do not be afraid to get a cheap and affordable as this might turn out to be the best bet when you are just coming to do your business online.

Putting up a website should not scare you because of the cost and there are always two sides to the coin. A cheap web hosting package has its own ups and downs. There are merits and demerits. So for someone with little knowledge on websites, you need to test the stream first.

There are some things you should personally check out for when looking cheap hosting in Nigeria. Some cheap hosting sites earn money by allowing other companies to put advertisements in the users’ websites. Don’t get surprised if you see advertisements that you didn’t put in your websites. These Cheap hosting sites might also use pop-ups which can be very irritating for visitors. This might lead to fewer customers visiting your website.

Another disadvantage is that cheap hosting sites might have your website URL as a sub-domain of the web hosting company domain. This is not good for your business as customers might think that your company is not well established enough to have your own website. Others might even think that your company is a scam. There is a big possibility that a potential customer will disregard your website and choose another company who sells the same product as you.

In conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages of cheap hosting are many. If you are only starting with your business then it might be beneficial for you to choose a free or cheap hosting site as this will cost you less. However, if you are already a well-established company and your goal is to obtain more customers and increase their confidence in your product, then a paid web hosting service might be more beneficial for you. It is important to analyze the pros and cons of your web hosting providers before deciding.

List of Top 10 Cheap and Affordable Web Hosting in Nigeria:

1. – They are currently running a FREE #GOGLOBAL Campaign which means they want to build 100 websites for businesses (Blogger or SME) in Nigeria FREE OF CHARGE. All you need to do is buy you domain name and hosting from them. Contact them now HERE
From N5000/year on their Gama plan you get the following features
1 GB Disk Space
4 GB Bandwidth
Their basic plan gives you a FREE .NG domain for 1 year, which means don’t have to buy domain name.

From N4000/year you get the following features on their Aspire plan
1GB Webspace
4GB Bandwidth

From N3000/year you get the following features on their civillian plan
500 MB Space
5 GB Bandwidth

From N3500/year you get the following features on their starter plan
1,000Mb Web Space
4,000Mb Bandwidth

From ₦1000/year on their net starter plan you get features such as:
100 MB Disk Space
2 GB Bandwidth


From ₦2000/year on their Larva Hosting Plan you get features such as:
2 GB Disk Space
4 GB Bandwidth

For N3,500 on their standard package you get:
10GB Disk Space
30GB Bandwidth

From ₦3500 on their starter plan you get features such as:
200 MB Storage Space
2 GB Monthly Bandwidth

For N3500 on their lite plan you get:
1GB Space
2GB Bandwidth

Kindly suggest any other reliable and cheap web hosting company in the comment box so we can check them out and add them to the list. Thank you.

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