How To Play Golden Chance Lotto And Check Winning Numbers


is a lottery business owned by winners Golden Chance Ventures Limited. It was set up in 2005 and remains the first lotto organization to introduce online lotto play.

Golden Chance lotto made it possible to be playing all their games online. Golden chance lotto was the game changer in terms of lotto. When they brought about their games being played online, it posed a threat to Baba Ijebu which later brought their own online play.

All Golden chance lotto games are played online. For you to be part of it, you must be 18 years and above. Their tickets are sold online or you can equally make purchase at any of their ticket outlets. Golden chance lotto operates over 11, 000 point of sales (POS) terminals in Nigeria.

To participate in Golden chance lotto games online, visit their website  and register with your mobile phone number.

After registration, the next step is to fund your account. You can either fund through bank transfer or Interswitch. If you use the bank transfer, your online account will be credited within 12 hours. Visit their website to get their account number.

If you are using the Interswitch web pay, you will go through the Golden chance lotto website , click on payment and select interswitch webpay. Fill in the amount you need to fund to your online account and click proceed. You will be taken to interswitch portal when you will be asked to fill in your debit card details. After completion, your Golden chance lotto account will be credited.

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In case you encounter any problem in your course of usage, you can contact them on [email protected] .

How to play Golden Chance Lotto

  • To play in Golden chance lotto, visit their website
  • Select the game type on the vertical menu containing the day’s game.
  • Select the preferred bet type (NAP) from the displayed scrolled bet types.
  • Select numbers of your choice
  • Enter the stake per line on the text area provided in the betslip corner.
  • Click “Add” to include the bet in multi bet
  • You can repeat the above steps for different bet combinations
  • Click play to finally register bet.

Playing To Win in Golden Chance Lotto

  1. 3 Direct – In this play, you need to get 3 numbers out of 5 winning numbers correctly. Example is when you play 12-14-33 and it appears to be among the winning numbers, then you have won yourself some cash. It is the hardest game plan to win, but highest paying game out of the others.
  2. 2 Sure– The two (2) sure is another amazing game plan. It promises a win only if you play two numbers which you feel might be among the winning numbers and either or both of the numbers are among the winning numbers. Example, if you play 35-44 or 37-66 and one or both of the two of them comes as the winning number, then you are a winner. This game plan gives less money to 3 Direct.
  3. One against Others—In this game, one number is up against other numbers. Example, you can put 1 number up against 10 numbers. The possibilities of winning in this game plan is high but the winning money is poor.
  4. Banker – This method involves having one single number which you are convinced will come out among winning numbers. You can equally play one single number if you don’t want to lose the game.
  5. Permutation– in this method, the stakes are high so the possibilities of winning. It means combining few numbers and expecting to get 2 numbers which is the winning number. You can perm up to 10 numbers, but it’s risky.
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How To Check Winning Numbers/ Results

To check your results of Golden chance lotto results/ winning numbers, you have to go to their website or directly on your phone. To check the results on your phone,  buy the scratch card and follow the instructions on the back of the card.