Gtbank Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate


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Gtbank Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate

It is no news that the commercial banks now exchange dollar to naira at the same rate obtainable in the black market otherwise known as parallel market and just as the price fluctuates, commercial banks follow the bandwagon despite the fact that the Central Bank of exchange rate is pegged at a rate.

For example, at the interbank market, CBN rates for dollars exchange is at a dynamic equilibrium of 307.5 Naira giving liberty to the banks to sell at higher price rate compared to what the rate was in December 2016.

One of the commercial banks that we would discuss its’ dollar to naira rate for exchange is GTBank of Nigeria with a focus on GTBank exchange rate.


  • Dollar to naira exchange rate: 1 USD to NGN — USD = Naira 375
  • Pounds Exchange Rate: 1 GBP to NGN — GBP = Naira 488
  • Euro Exchange Rate: 1 Euro to NGN — Euro = Naira 438
  • CAD Exchange Rate: 1 cad to naira — CAD = Naira 305
  • Ugandan Shillings Ugx to Naira Exchange Rate: 1 Ugx to NGN — Ugx = Naira 9.6
  • India INR to Naira Exchange Rate: 1 INR to NGN — INR = Naira 6.2
  • Malaysia Myr Exchange Rate: 1 Myr to NGN — Myr = Naira 89
  • Russia Rub to Naira Fx Rate: 1 Rub to Naira — Rub = Ngn 7.1
  • Try: 1 Try = NGN 90

It is important to note is that the amounts quoted above may likely not be the amount customers will be charged. The reason is simple, the rate of exchange is very dynamic because it’s depending on several other factors to adjust.

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Also, you should note that whenever you are making a withdrawal and receiving payments, GTbank just like other banks will charge at rates even lesser than the official bank rate.

This means that GTBank makes customers pay more GTBank sells dollars to customers while customers get less naira equivalent when GTBank is buying dollars from customers.