Gold Prices Per Gram In Nigeria – Latest Prices of Gold


Do you know how much is a gram of gold in Nigeria right now? If not, you do not have a problem anymore. I have the answers for you!

Some months ago,  a very close relative wanted to go into gold business and all our effort to know about the business was futile. So I decided to right this article for anyone and everyone, whether you buy gold for sale or for use, you’ll need to be aware of the current market price of this precious metal once in a while. This will help you to be aware of market trends and make well informed selling and buying decisions.

In tough economic times, one of the best forms of making money is buying something whose value would continue to increase and selling it later at a higher rate for profit. It is possible that you can be short of ideas on the best business to start. That is why you can begin with a gold buying business. You will be on the way to creating a great income as gold is the most profitable and unfaltering raw material there is.

Buying and selling

It is a well-known fact that gold is the world’s real currency and means of the exchange. Actually, it is one of the institutionalized tenders that has stood the test of time. As for the other currencies, they have the propensity to lose their value because of market manipulation, inflation, and changing government fiscal policies.

In general, selling and buying gold is a rather good investment with an attractive income. And what is more, you can sell gold while sitting at home.

Gold Price in Nigeria

According to the latest news about gold price in Nigeria per gram in various karat grades, here are the most recent average numbers:

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Carat Cost of gold per gram in Naira (NGN)

10K 5,229.13
12K 6,274.46
14K 7,319.78
18K 9,411.68
21K 10,980.30
21,6K 11,294.02
22K 11,503.59

If you want to get the latest gold price in Nigeria, just visit the site below: By the way, you can find a bid and ask prices there. The information update happens very often (every 30 minutes). Also, you can find prices for silver and platinum there as well.

So, now you know how much is a gram of gold. However, be attentive while you are going to because the price of gold changes every 30 minutes. My next article about gold business will be a list of where you can . Good luck and watch out!