Chelsea FC: 5 Reasons Why Fans Love And Support Chelsea FC


According to survey, Chelsea is the 4th most supported club in Europe. That’s phenomenal for a club that seems hated so much, but when you break down the numbers it’s even more remarkable. They are the “Blues,” with outstanding and charismatic owner, Roman Abramovich who believes in spending to get what you want.

Once upon a time, there was an English businessman, called Gus Mears who had a passion for football. So he bought the local Stamford Bridge Athletic Grounds, with the intention of turning it into a world class football stadium. He went to the chairman of an already established local football club, Fulham FC and asked him to relocate their home stadium in which he refused. So this guy Gus Mears, ends up establishing his own football team with the Bridge as their home stadium naming the club . The local community was very passionate about football, but they didn’t have the resources and talent to make it big. So they continue playing in the lower divisions and dream of making it big one day. No one had the idea that the local club would one day become a beaming star and produce great talents.

A century later, Roman Abramovich buys the club. And in a decade, Chelsea FC rises to become one of the strongest teams in Europe.

Obviously nobody in their right mind would deny that Roman Abramovich’s investment has elevated Chelsea from the plucky underdogs who used to snag a knockout trophy here and there in the late 90s to one of the most intimidating teams that have won trophies and so many titles.

Even though some people have come to hate the guts, confidence and approach of the club, Chelsea FC, with a rich owner who seem financially intimidating.

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Chelsea FC have been able to cave niche for themselves in the last couple of years. Here are 5  reasons fans love and support about the club, Chelsea FC.

There financial strength and money power: Chelsea were the first club which used huge amount of money to win trophies(after that City and PSG also followed the same pattern). While other club have been playing for ages, Chelsea defiled all odds, spend huge amount of money to win games. Club owner Roman Abramovich has invested heavily into the club and as much as critics like scorning at him, it has undoubtedly produced results. Association football has evolved over time and in the current scenario, no team can achieve substantial success without spending on quality players. Critics often point out how the club literally buy titles, but Abramovich seems not to be listening.

Mourinho: He has succeeded in managing the players twice. Even when he’s no longer there the foot prints he left is still spreading. Jose mourinho is an awesome manager and loved by many. He describes himself as the special one Many people respect, but it’s impossible to love him. The first time he came to Chelsea he dragged along with him his fans and supported which made Chelsea’s fan base soar. He puts winning in front of everything. His mind games, ridiculous decisions(like banning physic) during his days in Chelsea has made so many to love the club. Too many reasons not to love him. A Flamboyant Manager : There’s this popular saying, ‘You know you’re doing it right, when you manage to piss off a lot of people.’ Jose Mourinho ushered a new era at the club. Money and a ton of stars do not necessarily guarantee success. A world class manager with a sound understanding of the game, Jose made Chelsea what it is today. He pissed off many people when he was reigning at Chelsea. He has always been mired in controversies. This is why most of the Barcelona, Arsenal and Liverpool fans hate Chelsea. Nevertheless. he is still one the best managers in the game who succeeded in helping Chelsea make history. Even after leaving the club, so many fans and supports didn’t go along with him to his next club.

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Success: In the last decade, Chelsea have won a huge number of titles. When you win titles, you get supporters, but you also get haters! But their support base has increased massively.

Legends, Players and style of play: when you check the history books of the blues, you will be amazed about the legends in football that have come out of Chelsea. Is it Michael ballack, shevshenko, Didie Drogba, Mikel Obi, John terry, Anelka and many others. Those players were able to wow the crowd with their performances on the field of play. Their style of play, composure and finesse has brought attraction to their fans which made them come to love the club. The current players of the club are also doing well, giving fans entertaining football.

Their style of play and their current winnings has brought motivation and inspiration to younger stars looking upto the players.

The Blues: Some people just like them because they are the blues. They just love the name “blues” and want to identify with them.