How to Play Baba Ijebu Lotto, Win And Check Results


 is a game of chance and luck. It is very easy to make big bucks out of it and it’s also very easy to lose if you don’t know how to play the game. Here, we will discuss the basic things you need to know about Lotto and how to check the winning numbers otherwise known as results.

One thing to always remember is that as long as it is a game, there is never a win-win situation. However, these rules on how to play will still play a major role in your winning streak.

How To Play Baba Ijebu Lotto

  1. Banker: its method of play means that if you have one single number which you are convinced will come among winning numbers and you don’t want to lose game, you can play one single number with other numbers as it minimizes your chances of losing and increases your chances of winning though it doesn’t give as much as 3 Direct explained below.
  2. Three (3) Direct: it means you need to get exactly 3 numbers out of the 5 winning numbers. Example when you play 02-12-22 and all three appears to be among the winning numbers then you have won yourself a game. It is one of the highest paying game plans but also the hardest to win.
  3. Two (2) Sure: It is called two sure or 2 direct because it involves playing 2 numbers which you think that might be among the winning numbers. Example if you play either of 28-67 or 32-70 and both of the two of them comes as the winning number, you’re a winner. The catch here is that 3 direct gives more money than 2 sure but it is harder to win. While 2 sure gives less money but is easier to win.
  4. Permutation: Permutation means combining few numbers and expecting to get at least 2 numbers inside the winning numbers. The only way to win in permutation is if you can perm up to 5 numbers.
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How To Win Baba Ijebu Lotto

baba ijebu lotto

There are so various ways to win this game. Some of them are:

1 Forecasting Lotto: This method involves using the past lotto results to forecast lotto upcoming winning numbers. Forecasting involves luck, chance, or whatever you may call it. One can’t really depend on this method.

2. Targeted Numbers: In this scenario, you can choose to keep playing a select group of numbers and keep playing that them all the time. Like if you choose to be playing 59-23 and 69-77 it means that whenever 59-23 or 69-77 appears then you have won the game.

3. Trust Your Instincts: you should only do this if you have tested your instincts on one or more occasions and it passed the test. Try using it to play Baba ijebu Lotto and you will be surprised at the good outcome.

4. Dreams: similar to instincts, if you know your dreams come to pass, then try it on your Baba Ijebu Lotto. At the same time remember that sometimes dreams fail. Only do this if you’re sure.

How To Check Baba Ijebu Results(Winning Numbers)

Premier Lotto (Baba Ijebu) results can now be checked directly on your phone. All you have to do is simply buy the PremierCard and follow the instructions on the back of the card. Scratch off the covered area to find the PIN, then text the PIN number to 32240 for Zain and Glo subscribers. For MTN, text PIN to 0703 0000 280.

A confirmation will be sent to your phone and you will start receiving draw results as soon as draws are made.

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Good Luck…