Baba Ijebu – How to Play, Check results And Know Baba Ijebu Winning Numbers


Am sure many of us must have heard of Baba Ijebu but little do we know the relation between basba ijebu and Pemier Lotto. Actually, Baba Ijebu is Premier Lotto Limited (PLL) i.e the registered companies name. It’s a gaming company founded by chief kessington Adebukunola Adebutu, who also doubles as the CEO.

Baba Ijebu is arguably the most played Lotto In Nigeria. The game can make you rich quickly and can also destroy. You can hurt while playing the game. That is why it’s advised to be care, and also being less addicted to the Lotto game. It has made many Nigerians poor more than it made few rich.

In any game, you either win or lose. In Baba Ijebu Nigerian Premier lotto, there is no win-win all the time. It’s one of the games that you can play but winning is not certain just like other games. But you need to understand more about Baba Ijebu to increase your chances of winning.

What Can Lead To winning In Baba Ijebu

Before going into any game, there are systems, strategies you must consider and use to make you win. Same thing with Baba Ijebu Premier Lotto.

How to play Baba Ijebu? Here are the steps you need to know and use to boost your chances of winning.

  1. Forecasting: One thing about forecasting is using the past lotto results to determine the upcoming winning Numbers. However, you still need luck to succeed.
  2. Dream of numbers: So many who had huge winnings on Baba Ijebu have come out to say they got the winning numbers from their dream. Do not underestimate those numbers in your dreams. However, dreams can fail you. Those numbers can equally cause your downfall and make you lose massively.
  3. Target Numbers: So many have devised this means to win. The target a particular number and continue playing that number all the time. “Take for instance” if you choose to be playing 66-33 and 88-64 it means that you have won the game whenever 66-33 or 88-64 appears.

How to Know winning Numbers

There are strategic target plans to help you out. What you win is determined by how much you put in and the plan you played, now let us look at some plans you can play when playing Baba Ijebu.

Here are the available games to play.

  1. 3 Direct: This plan is one of the highest paying plan but hardest to win because when you play 3 numbers, if two comes leaving one behind then you don’t win as the name implies it means you need to get 3 numbers out of the 5 winning numbers.
  2. 2 Sure: In this plan, you only need to get 2 numbers not 3 unlike 3 Direct. In this game, you play 2 numbers which you think that might be among the winning numbers. Example 06-82 or 44-66 if two of them comes as the winning number then you have won. But there is no much money on 2 sure.
  3. Banker: In this plan, you play one single number which you are convinced that will come among winning numbers, when you don’t want to lose game by finding the matching number that will also grantee your win you can play one single number though it doesn’t give much.
  4. One against Others: You can stand one number against other numbers, you can stand 1 number against 10 numbers.
    Example: when you stand 24 against 11-33 44-23-29-15. It’s a must that 24 must come with one of 11-33 44-23-29-15 before you can win anything.
  5. Permutation: In Permutation, you combine few numbers and expect to get 2 numbers inside the winning numbers. You can perm up to 10 numbers. That is the only way to win.

How to check your baba ijebu premier lotto online

To check Baba Ijebu result, you can go to any Premier Lotto store near you, most especially the location you played the game. But technology has made things easier now.

You can now easily check your Baba Ijebu Premier lotto result online by visiting their Facebook fan page at .

You will see live result there.