Approved National Public Holidays In Nigeria for The Year


Every year, there is this natural crave for public holidays amongst employees, this year is again loaded with public holidays and for sure workers and private individuals are already making plans on how to spend the holidays with their spouses or families. Most workers usually have list of public holidays at the beginning of the year so they could plan their annual leave to coincide with the public holiday, which makes it even more splendid

Everyone looks forward to every possible national public holiday be it state or Federal government approved. Though most organizations in Nigeria only respects the Federal public holidays, except for civil servants of the state that respects both Federal and state holidays. While some organizations would only automatically observe holidays that banks observe.

Please note that it is customary in Nigeria to give extra holiday for any public holiday that falls into the weekend. That is to say, any public holiday that falls on the weekend, it is usually pushed to monday.

Approved National Public Holidays In Nigeria for The Year 2016

Jan-01 Friday New Year’s Day Public Holiday
Mar-08 Tuesday Women’s Day Observance
Mar-20 Sunday March equinox Season
Mar-25 Friday Good Friday Public Holiday
Mar-26 Saturday Holy Saturday Observance, Christian
Mar-27 Sunday Easter Day Observance, Christian
Mar-28 Monday Easter Monday Public Holiday
May-01 Sunday Workers’ Day Public Holiday
May-27 Friday Children’s Day Observance
May-29 Sunday Democracy Day Public Holiday
Jun-12 Sunday June 12 Commemoration Lagos State Local holiday
Jun-20 Monday June Solstice Season
Jul-07 Thursday Id el Fitr National Public Holiday
Jul-08 Friday Id el Fitr additional holiday National Public Holiday
Sep-13 Tuesday Id el Kabir National Public Holiday
Sep-14 Wednesday Id el Kabir additional holiday National Public Holiday
Sep-22 Thursday September equinox Season
Oct-01 Saturday National Day National Public Holiday
Oct-03 Monday Al-Hijra (Islamic New Year) Local holiday
Dec-12 Monday Id el Maulud National Public Holiday
Dec-21 Wednesday December Solstice Season
Dec-24 Saturday Christmas Eve Observance, Christian
Dec-25 Sunday Christmas Day National Public Holiday
Dec-26 Monday Boxing Day National Public Holiday
Dec-31 Saturday New Year’s Eve Observance
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Happy Holiday!!!!