How To Start And Set Up A Very Profitable Cement Block Moulding Business In Nigeria

Olayinka Olayokun

I have a burning passion to provide people with or help them get what they want and when they want it, using the search engine. I'm a Sci-fi addict and not a football fan.

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2 Responses

  1. Olu Adeniyi says:

    Most welcome are propagation of business ideas in various media, yet individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs should seek informed assistance especially on feasibility and viability of the project. There is no project with universal business environment, and demand pattern. Each startup must do a proper appraisal, and forecasting of growth potential.
    A business that is not growing cannot survive for long, so also a business that is easily copied attracts uncontrolled rivalry, and still a business of limited avenue for innovations will suddenly hit the rock.

  2. Kayode says:

    Hi, please can you kindly link me to place where I could get this machinery to start the block moulding business.
    thanks in anticipation.

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