CTL Decoder, Channels, Subscription and Price.

Olayinka Olayokun

I have a burning passion to provide people with or help them get what they want and when they want it, using the search engine. I'm a Sci-fi addict and not a football fan.

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6 Responses

  1. ABEL says:

    Please, where can I find CTL to buy in Lagos and is the coverage in Lagos state? I leave around FESTAC area in Lagos.

  2. Duru Ifeanyi Mmaduabuchi says:

    Pls i just installed my ctl cable, but it’s displaying no signal. I leave in Enugu, and some persons around my house is using it as well.

  3. Maybon says:

    When is CTL coming to lagos

  4. Igwebike says:

    I subscribed today for three months but it is not showing anything except conax. What could be possibly the problem?

  5. lazarus nweke says:

    pls is CTL cable TV now in lagos

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